Tulsa Line 2023

Tulsa Junction Railway

Tulsa to Sand Springs, OK
Owner / Location / Website Crew Operating System Car Forwarding Layout Location
Jon Pansius
Tulsa, OK
6 NCE corded DCC Car Cards and Waybills Ground floor garage.

This is a proto-freelanced railroad set in 1930 which follows the route of the prototype Sand Springs Railway interurban but which is an all-steam all-freight industrial switching railroad. All movements are within yard limits. The railroad interchanges with the SL-SF, AT&SF, MV and M-K-T.

The yardmaster and drill engineer switch the classification yard (see photo), and two 2-operator crews each switch an industrial district with about 20 industries each as well as perform other jobs as directed by the yardmaster.

The car cards carry the car routing cards and such other instruction cards as are necessary. "Weighing" cars on the gauntlet track "scale", blue flags, empty car orders and cleanout are part of the operations. Hand and whistle signals are encouraged, and brakeman "counters" (how did the brakeman get over there to throw that switch) and switch list forms are provided.