Tulsa Line 2023

Cherokee Sub Frisco

Owner / Location / Website Crew Operating System Car Forwarding Layout Location
Steve Campbell
Tulsa, OK
6 NCE Car cards Located on the second floor, but easily accessible by elevator.

The Cherokee Sub of the Frisco is set in Tulsa in 1950. The 3 Class I railroads at that time were the Frisco, Santa Fe and the MKT. The railroad is within yard limits and includes the following 7 jobs. The yardmaster and helper will be running a freight which drops cars at Frisco industrial zone 3 and the Meteor which drops a sleeper at the Union Passenger Station, an extra livestock freight, an interchange with the Sand Springs RY and will build from the coach yard the consist of the Black Gold which ran Tulsa to Dallas/ Ft Worth. They assist locals and interchange with the MKT and Santa Fe. As time permits, they classify received cars.

The refinery job works the tank car loading racks, barrel house, canning plant, warehouse etc. The refinery ran 3 shifts, so this job never ends. The Frisco zone 3 operator has a switcher based there to work industries, assist the Meteor as it drops a sleeper at the Union Passenger Station, receive fright cars for the zone from Train 31, and marshals traffic through the zone. Frisco zone 4 job starts in the yard and is out and back serving local industries. The MKT operator starts the day with a transfer run to the Santa Fe and Frisco then back to work local industries.

Santa Fe works local industries and finishes with a transfer run to the MKT and Frisco. Scenery is complete with enhancements ongoing. Engines and cars are weathered, and control is NCE with car card forwarding. Locomotives have sound and prototypical momentum and braking. It will slow you down, but you will get used to this rail fan experience.

Session is approximately 4 hours in length with a Union required break midway for refreshments and a time to sit down and visit. Operation is low key and at your own pace. No one is waiting for your cars and as in the real world the next shift will complete any unfinished business. Grades however will be given by me during restaging. The objective is to enjoy fellowship and train runin'. The railroad is upstairs with an elevator available.