Tulsa Line 2017

Green Country Model Railroad

Owner / Location / Website Crew Operating System Car Forwarding Layout Location
Green Country Model Railroaders’ Association
West Tulsa, OK
13 Digitax DCC, partially wireless Car Cards Shared building with hobby shop, ground floor.

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The Green Country Model Railroad is a ~18'x36', free-lance layout constructed by members of the Green Country Model Railroaders' Association over the past 10-15 years.

The layout consists of two levels with a mainline run in excess of 600', 30' double-ended staging, a two-track helix, two classification yards, several other stations that host local switching, and a large engine terminal. Scenery is complete on the upper level and partial on the lower level. Rolling stock is owned by both the association and individual members, and does not belong to any specific time period. For operating sessions, four and six axle diesel power is the norm. A full operating crew includes two yard masters, responsible for making-up and breaking-up trains, and a number or road crews that run both through freights and locals. During a 3-hour session, each road engineer can expect to have 3-4 individual assignments.