Tulsa Line 2023

October 6th-8th, 2023

Tulsa, Oklahoma


Tulsa Line Layouts

Silverton & Lake City
Owner: Dave Steensland
Crew: 5
Silverton & Lake City
Featured in RMC, MR, The Dispatcher, The Cowcatcher
Santa Fe Hereford Subdivision
Owner: Sammy Carlile
Crew: 8
Santa Fe Hereford Subdivision
Featured in RMC and the Dispatcher
KCS 3rd Subdivision
Owner: Steve Davis
Crew: 13
KCS 3rd Subdivision
Featured in the Gazette
Pandora & San Miguel
Owner: Ken Ehlers
Crew: 5
Tulsa Junction Railway
Owner: Jon Pansius
Crew: 6
Frisco Cherokee Subdivision
Owner: Steve Campbell
Crew: 7
South Brooklyn Terminal Railway
Owner: Tom Fausser
Crew: 4
The Spaendahl Yamanee & Densum (SY&D) Railroad
Owner: Steve Gillett
Crew: 3
Featured in January 2021 Dispatcher Magazine
Tulsa Port of Catoosa Railroad
Owner: Dale Baker
Crew: 4
Green Country Model Railroad
Owner: GCMRA
Crew: 7-8
Overland Scenic Lines
Owner: Dennis Miller
Crew: 4-8


  • All participants will operate Tulsa area railroads Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning.

Our Objectives:

  • Everyone will operate four times.
  • No one will operate the same railroad twice.

Session Times:

  • Friday: 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am to noon
  • Saturday: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am to noon

Layout Descriptions:

  • Use chart on this page.

Saturday Evening Social:

  • Site to be determined
  • Order from menu; alcoholic drinks available
  • Social hour begins at 6 PM, dinner at 7 PM

Hotel Information:


  • Registration will be on a first come, first served basis, with invitees from the Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and NW Arkansas areas having priority through Sept 4th (Labor Day). After that date, slots will be filled by all other registrants until all slots are filled.
  • To register, send an email to Tulsa.Line.2023@gmail.com containing following information:
    1. First and last name (name you want on your name tag)
    2. Home address (including city and state)
    3. Email address for registration confirmation
    4. Phone number for ride-share contact
    5. A ranked list of your top six layout choices
    6. Answer YES or NO on whether you will attend the Saturday evening social and dinner and if so, will you have a plus 1?
    7. Will you be here for the Friday evening session starting at 7 PM?
    8. Will you be here for the entire Sunday morning session ending at noon?
    9. Do you want to be grouped with others as an operating team? If so, please note the others on the team
  • THE TULSA.LINE.2023 EMAIL ADDRESS IS FOR REGISTRATION REQUESTS ONLY. If you have any questions, contact Steve Gillett at boilerrazor@gmail.com