Division Resources

The following items are materials of interest to model railroaders hosted on the Indian Nations website. Please note that some of them may contain links to external sites.

Randy Smith's background sound module project demonstrated at the meeting on 9/16/2023.
DOCX file about 1.8MB

Source code from Randy Smith's background sound module project.
zip file about 134KB

Jim Ronda's presentation from 11/21/2015 on downsizing his layout.
PDF file about 5MB

Steve Davis' presentation from 5/16/2015 on railroad signals.
PDF file about 3MB

Dave Salamon's presentation from 1/11/2014 on view blocks and transition areas.
PDF file about 24MB

Charlie Tapper's presentation from 9/22/2012 on modeling freight cars.
PDF file about 31MB

Mike Condren's presentation from 8/28/2010 about the Frisco.
Link to large (73MB) PowerPoint file on Mike Condren's website

Steve Davis' presentation from 5/22/2010 on DCC.
PDF file about 6MB

Victor Pinamonti's presentation from 5/2/2009 on DCC.
PDF file about .5MB

Handout from Randy Smith's presentation from 5/2/2009 on photo backdrops.
Local HTML page

Dave Salamon's presentation from 1/17/2009 on car card operations on the Deep River Southern.
PDF file about 4.5MB

Steve Davis' presentation from 1/17/2009 on designing his new layout modeling the KCS 3rd Division.
Local HTML pages converted from a PowerPoint presentation