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November 2018 (8.4MB)

September 2018 (4.7MB)

May 2018 (8.3MB)

February 2018 (6.1MB)

November 2017 (4.4MB)

September 2017 (3.5MB)

May 2017 (9.7MB)

January 2017 (3.5MB)

November 2016 (4.0MB)

Sept 2016 (4.8MB)

May 2016 (2.1MB)

January 2016 (1.5MB)

November 2015 (3.7MB)

September 2015 (3.0MB)

May 2015 (2.4MB)

January 2015 (3.9MB)

November 2014 (4.8MB)

September 2014 (3.2MB)

May 2014 (2.9MB)

January 2014 (3.3MB)

September 2013 (2.7MB)

May 2013 (2.7MB)

January 2013 (4.2MB)

November 2012 (7.9MB)

September 2012 (2.1MB)

January 2012 (5.1MB)

November 2011 (8.0MB)

September 2011 (8.0MB)

March 2011 (5.5MB)

January 2011 (4.1MB)

November 2010 (5.1MB)

August 2010 (7.1MB)

May 2010 (6.0MB)

January 2010 (7.0MB)

November 2009 (5.0MB)

September 2009 (2.7MB)

May 2009 (5.0MB)

March 2009 (4.6MB)

January 2009 (6.9MB)

November 2008 (6.7MB)

September 2008 (4.6MB)

May 2008 (4.2MB)

March 2008 (6.0MB)

January 2008 (6.5MB)

November 2007 (5.5MB)

September 2007 (4.0MB)

May 2007 (4.3MB)

March 2007 (3.2MB)

January 2007 (4.2MB)

November 2006 (3.6MB)

September 2006 (3.7MB)

May 2006 (3.5MB)

March 2006 (3MB)